Retsepile Sello on MasterCard Foundation Website

“After I finished my form five, nobody understood why I wanted to go into mining. And it was a challenge for me because whenever somebody asked me, “you did well, so what do you want to be?”, and I would be like, “a mining engineer.” You see their faces and maybe you’re like, maybe I should change my goal. Some of my friends ended up going into business because of such discouragements. So I feel like girls should be empowered to stand for what they want, and they should not be negatively impacted by people around them.”
— Retsepile Sello is a MasterCard Foundation Scholar from Lesotho pursuing an undergraduate degree in Applied Science at the University of British Columbia. She had the opportunity to intern for Mintek, a Mineral Processing and Metallurgical research institute in South Africa. Learn more about her experience: http://bit.ly/2dWNRdY